Buying a house is one of the most important decisions in people’s life. It determines your future circle of friends, neighbors and even your lifestyle. Because of its big role in our life, it is hard to decide to buy a house. We know how the process is difficult, that’s why we have prepared a guideline for you to make the process easier. Here we go!

What we should take a look at first when we go to the house to buy it?

  • Location. It is very crucial to check the location of the house. Because it is something that you can not move it after, or you can not change it regardless of how much money you already invest in it. Houses and lands are immovable properties, unlike cars or yachts. So you should check the location of the house and try to feel peace in that area.
  • Durability. Most people do not care about how strong materials are used in the building is. The shape or design could be nice, but it should not trick you. Checking building material quality is very important.
  • Neighbors. There is a common proverb in Turkey; get the right neighbors rather than the right house. It is something that seems to be not important first but very crucial in fact. Because living in a neighboorhood requires to get along with neighbors. If the neighbors’ culture, attitude, and manner do not match with yours, you should think of moving there twice.

Understanding expectations before buying a house:

Everyone has a dream house. We may have many expectations such as big windows, huge living rooms, three bathrooms, big balconies, sea view landscapes… We invest a huge amount in it, we should have these expectations. But it is sometimes hard to find all expectations in one place. So when you feel okay with the features of the property with its affordable price, it is time to think seriously to buy it.

Setting a budget for buying a house

There are thousands of houses, apartments, villas, over the cities. Prices from bottom to top you could find different alternatives. According to your demands such as location, the size of the property, the age of the building, etc. you can evaluate options. All of these variables affect the price of the property. Therefore, knowing your budget and your demands would be better for you before going to see houses.

Knowing the real estate procedures of the country

Buying real estate sometimes can be a difficult process, furthermore, if you are thinking to buy a real estate in a different country that you even do not know the language, laws, and procedures, you may be under a lot of stress. So before you go through, you should know all process step by step from the beginning till the end.

Getting professional real estate consultancy

There are many reasons to get a professional consultancy while buying or selling real estate property. If you;

  • are not sure what type of house or property meets your needs
  • do not have enough knowledge about the region or building
  • do not know the process very well
  • want to get a service to make these processes safer and easier.

It would be the best option for you to get in contact with a local reliable real estate agency.