In this article, you will find correct and detailed information about getting citizenship in Turkey from the professional agent.

Living in Turkey is just awesome, especially in Istanbul. Istanbul is the most developed and modern city in Turkey. Big business centers, shopping centers, huge parks and much more. Everybody falls in love with Istanbul when they sightseeing in the city. Most of them want to be part of the country because of its beauty. To get citizenship by buying a house or investment you should read this article!

Sales rates in the real estate sector in Turkey has increased dramatically to foreigners ( %129.6 percentage). We highly suggest you consider to invest in a developing and promising country. As a bonus, as you know, you can get citizenship. It’s an entirely win-win situation.

According to an official newspaper, 1 million dollars worth citizenship price reduced to 250 thousand dollars since 19.09.2018. Every person who is not Turkish can buy real estate from non-military places according to residence law. The person who buys property worth $250.000 can get Turkish citizenship. It is an excellent choice to purchase a property from Turkey which has a developed real estate industry.

It is not the only way of being a Turkish citizen. People who invest $500.000+ in Turkish banks for at least three years are able to get citizenship too. You have to hold it for three years without any exceptions.

There is one more way. People who invest $500.000 of fixed capital investment or buy government bonds can get citizenship. There are some restrictions on these situations. We suggest you read a detailed guide about these two ways.

Buying real estate is the best and more profitable way to get citizenship. Before buying a property, the only thing you need to do is preparing a few documents for us. We guide you until you get your property safely.

You should know before buying the property especially if you want to get citizenship;

According to the new law, the foreign buyer who gets property from Turkey has to hold the property for at least three years. The property that you bought cannot be sold for at least three years. So, you should find the best property for you before buying it. Be sure that it is a good property for you. Besides, you have to buy the property from Turkish citizens. Sale from foreigner to foreigner is not accepted for citizenship.