‘You should receive reliable consultancy before buying or selling a home.’

In every modern country, there are different kinds of rules, laws, legal procedures while buying or selling a property. As a professional real estate agency, we have broad information and extensive experience in Turkey. We share our knowledge with our customers and make these processes easy.

The land registry legally does the transfer of ownership of the real estate properties. Some documents from the applicants are requested for the transfer. With going to the land registry office with the necessary documents, the land registry officer completes the transfer process.

Depending on the type of work in the transfer process, a certain amount of tuition is required. While the title deed is 20 per thousand in sales; the donation is calculated as 68.31 per thousand.

We guide you from the beginning to the end of the process. You can also read our article about 5 things you should know before buying a house. In every step, we inform you and complete the process safely. We are beside you at the land registry until finish the transfer of title deed. We accomplish these process tons of times. Our customers are always happy with our reliable service.

So what are the necessary documents when buying a home?

1. The necessary documents from the seller

  • Original title deed or photocopy
  • 1 picture
  • Identity Card (T.C. Identity Number) or TAX Number (for foreigners)
  • No tax liability document from the municipality
  • If the 3rd person will do the deed transaction, power of attorney
  • DASK document

2. The necessary documents from the buyer

  • 2 Images
  • Identity Card (with translate for foreigners)
  • TAX Number
  • If the 3rd person will do the deed transaction, power of attorney