Where to live in Istanbul?

Almost everyone who wants to live or invest in Istanbul consider buying a property, but where? Which area is better to buy a real estate in Istanbul? Where is the correct place to make a profitable investment? Is it profitable to buy a house in Beylikduzu?

Obviously, it depends on your expectation from the investment. There are two critical questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Why do I buy a property in Istanbul; to live, to work or to make an investment?
  • What do I expect from the property that I consider to buy?

Firstly you need to answer these questions. Istanbul is a huge city, and it has a lot of different significant areas to live or to invest. But generally, We can suggest you follow new developing areas.
People, especially investors choices new and expanding places such as Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece.

What kind of investments are profitable in Istanbul?

There are a lot of different opportunities in Istanbul, if we talk about new developing areas such as Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece, you can find there big and modern compounds, residences, private
villas, sea view residences, commercial properties and so. Big projects such as hotels, schools, hospitals, shopping centers also provide you with the opportunity to gain profitable investment.

On the other hand, it is essential for the investor to consider the new routes of transportation or the locations which is transformed into urban transformation. Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece have a
significant role with their geographic locations. New transportation vehicles such as Metrobus, Metro are available in Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece. Besides, opportunities in regions where the
population is overgrowing will quickly turn into a profitable investment.

With all of these positive features, Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece are preferable areas to live or to invest.

Buy a house in Beylikduzu

With its beneficial, if you are thinking to buy a house, or any property such as apartment, villa, commercial shop, or office in Beylikduzu you could contact us for reliable consultancy.